'Engineering the Future: science and maths in action'

  • to promote and increase awareness of contemporary engineering

  • to explore the views of young people, teachers, engineering lecturers, industrialists and policy makers

  • to bring teachers, researchers and engineering lecturers together to develop innovative engineering curriculum inserts and e-learning materials

  • to develop CPD programmes for teachers to support these materials

  • to collate and produce engineering careers materials for teaching staff and pupils

  • to provide pupils with practical experiences of engineering in the curriculum and awaken their enthusiasm

  • to increase the numbers of young people entering engineering

  • to pilot and evaluate a range of ways of promoting curricular continuity from school to university, including a review of first and second year at university

  • to develop and sustain first-rate teaching of engineering in schools and universities

  • to work with local and national policy makers to ensure the sustainability of any developments

  • to hold an annual seminar for university engineering staff, educational practitioners, industrialists and the relevant policy communities

The project is a pilot, developing a model of such activities in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. The ultimate intention is to enable extrapolation of the model to all engineering disciplines throughout the UK.